Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sent By: Matt Nielson On: Jun 06/20/11 Matt's Final Letter


A sister missionary came up to me this week and asked me what I was taking home from my mission. I named a couple different souvenirs and then sat down to prepare for zone conference. As I was sitting there I started thinking about some of the physical souvenirs I was taking home. I realized that those things really didn't mean that much to me. I started thinking about the things that I am taking home with me that really mattered to me. I decided to make a list of what I am taking home with me. These are some of the things. President Dance asked me to email him today and explain all about my experience and things I learned on my mission. I am going to copy and paste what I write to him and send it to you! I love all of you. Thanks for everything you do. I will see you on FRIDAY!!!


I don't think I could fully put into words how I have felt about my mission experience. Over the last two years I have grown and learned more than I can explain. I have decided to follow your example and write down a few things that I will be taking home with me from my mission.

1. A personal knowledge and relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ.
2. A love for God and the people that I have been serving.
3. A testimony that obedience brings blessings.
4. The knowledge that I can achieve all worthy goals if I am focused on it.
5. I can make it a good day or a bad day.
6. Cold is a state of mind.
7. Pride is a great stumbling block.
8. I don't have to know EVERYTHING.
9. Patience is a divine gift that we all need to develop
10. An appreciate for my family and those supporting me
11. A knowledge and testimony of the Restoration

Of course there are many more things, but those are some of the greatest gifts that I will be taking home with me. I love the people here. I have gained another family by coming to the Baltic’s. Once again I feel that I am getting ready to leave the people and countries that I love. I feel that for the first time I know exactly who I am. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. I have loved serving him and look forward to being able to serve him for the rest of my life. I am happy that I can look myself in the mirror and be happy with the person I have become. I am thankful for all of the members, family member, friends, investigators, and companions that have helped shape and mold me into who I am today. I would especially like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work so closely with you. I loved all the time I was able to spend with you and sister Dance. I have learned many valuable, life long lessons from both of you. You have helped me recognize the need for the constant companionship of the Spirit. You have helped me see the benefits of being well organized. You have helped me see how to manage a busy life and still magnify a calling. Thank you for everything you have done for me. Over the last couple years I have been able to see countless miracles. I have been blessed enough to find, teach, and baptize worthy investigators. I am grateful that through my obedience and hard work I was able to become an instrument in the Lords hands. Some of the people I will remember forever are Dzintars, Ali, Sharunas, Oleg, Yurri, and Diana. These people will forever be in my prayers and on the back of my mind. I have grown to love them and am thankful that the Lord put me in their path. One of the greatest spiritual gifts I have obtained on my mission is LOVE. I am especially grateful for my love of the Savior and my Heavenly Father. Once I was able to recognize and increase that love, all other aspects of missionary work fell into place. I was able to be obedient and work hard because of my love and desire to serve them. I am grateful that I have the rest of my life to keep increasing my love for God, Christ, my family, and all those around me. I know this Church is true. I am so grateful for my decision to serve a mission. I am grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that we have a prophet on earth today. I am so grateful that he can receive revelation from Christ. Without that ability we wouldn't have anything. I know that Christ leads and guides his church today. I know that without Christ, my life would be pointless. I am grateful for him and for his atonement. Thank you for everything once again. I look forward to our interview this Thursday.

Elder Nielson

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sent By: Matt Nielson On: Jun 06/13/11


Wow. I can't tell you how happy it made me to open my emails and see emails from basically everyone I have ever known and loved. Thank you for your love and support. I loved all the pictures drawn by my niece and nephews. Thanks for your email Marc. I especially loved the subject line. Mom and Dad thanks for always motivating me and helping me stayed focused. I also got an email from Zach Mattee. Thanks buddy. I loved hearing the story about Billy. You were a wrecking ball of spiritual goodness here, now you continue to destroy by the means of the spirit back at home.
Miracles continue to happen in Imanta. Zidonas is doing well. He wasn't able to come to church, but he is making progress in other areas. Last week we taught him about the Word of Wisdom. The whole time we were teaching he kept saying "NO" before we even gave him the commitment. We were just talking about what it was and he kept saying “I can't do it." After about 10 minutes Elder Froelich said “I want to share a scripture." As he was opening up to 1 Nephi 3:7 I looked at Zidonas and said “Will you live according to the word of wisdom?" He paused for a couple of seconds and said "Yes, I will start right now!" Elder Froelich didn't hear him say that. So he went right into his scripture. He introduced it, read it, applied it to him and than committed him to live according to the word of wisdom. Zidonas just smiled and said “You are a funny guy, Yes." As far as I am concerned, Zidonas is still living the word of wisdom.
Zidonas also gave me an Oakland Raiders hat. He showed up for our lesson wearing an Oakland Raiders hat. I said "Cool hat." He then insisted that I take it. I told him no, repeatedly. However, he started getting a little offended. I am now the proud owner of an Oakland Raiders hat.
Our other baptismal date Lidia is doing well. We taught her yesterday with our branch mission leader. Lidia wanted to meet outside. Because there wasn't room for all 5 of us on one park bench, I sat on the park bench about 10 feet away and just listened to their lesson. As I was listening I couldn't help but notice a man across the park who was eating a pastry very animatedly. After he finished, he looked down at the bag he was holding and then put in on his head. I sat there for a few minutes pondering upon why this 60ish year old man had a bag on his head. I decided to walk over and talk to him. I sat down and asked him why he had a bag on his head. In English he said “Why don't you have a bag on your head?” I learned a valuable lesson from this man. Sometimes we judge people and think they are pretty weird for having a bag on their head. Maybe we are just the weird ones without bags on our heads..... Well anyways the lesson with Lidia went really well. She got along really well with Yurrie. She is excited to be baptized in August. Both our baptismal date are really solid right now. If all goes according to plan there should be at least two baptisms in this area by the end of the summer. This area has not seen a baptism in a long time.
President and Sister Dance picked us up on Friday and took us to see a member named Valerie. Valerie is the man. He handles the migration and visa work for all the missionaries and he also happens to be our landlord. The Dance’s went over and thanked him for everything he has done over the years. He made us a delicious meal of stuffed peppers. They were stuffed with pork and rice. I guess the last missionary that was there was Elder Matte. Valerie just assumed that we all eat as much as Elder Mattee. He made us eat A LOT of food. It was way good though. It was fun translating for the Dance’s. I have not done that for a while.
We should have a big week coming up. We set a goal to teach 20 lessons this week. The most that missionaries have taught in this area this whole year has been 12. We are pretty excited to hit our goal. We have a lot of lessons set up. We are all determined to get it. I am excited to end my last week with 20 or more lessons and a few more baptismal dates!
I love you all. Thanks for everything you do. Stayed focused this week. Don't get trunky.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sent By: Matt Nielson On: Jun 06/07/11

Matt will be coming home on June 24th!
He will be speaking in Sacrament meeting on June 26th at 1:00 pm.

Holladay 10th Ward
4601 South 2565 East
Holladay, UT 84117

We would like to invite you to our home for food and visiting after he speaks. (2:10) Pass this info on to anyone you think would be interested.
We are so excited to have Elder Nielson home and are grateful for his service.

We hope you can join us in welcoming him.
Dave and Jaci


I can't begin to describe or write all the blessings and miracles that have happened this week. Our area has turned from almost dead, to thriving with prepared people to teach. We have literally been working as hard as we can and we have seen the fruits of that labor. It wasn't easy, but now that the ball is rolling I feel it will be impossible to stop. It is interesting to me that all these miracles happened at the end of a very hard and challenging week.
This last week started off very slow. We were working very hard and smart, but nothing was happening. When we started weekly planning last week we had 1 lesson. In case you didn't know we count numbers from Sunday to Sunday. Before we started planning we got down on our knees and asked the Lord to bless us so that the remainder of that week would be successful. Before we began to plan for the next week we discussed how we could make the rest of the week a success and go into the following week strong. At the end of a long discussion, we really didn't have any concrete plans, except to keep working hard and doing exactly what we had been doing.
The next day was a very hot day. We spent the majority of the first part of the day contacting people in the park. That day we ended up teaching 4 new people in the park! All of them became new investigators!
However, the best miracle of that day is a man by the name of Zidonas. As we were throwing the trash away we had a Gypsy man approach us. (P.S. I had no idea before coming here that Gypsies were actually a real group of people and not just a made up people in a book. There are Gypsies all over these countries.) I have to admit that when he first came up to us I was very skeptical. For the most part when a Gypsy walks up to you they just want money, they even have a tendency to get a little violent. This man came up to us and told us that he had met Elder Thomas in Daugavpils. He asked us if we could sit down and talk. After checking to see if he was drunk, we sat down on a bench and talked with him. I was very surprised to see that he was one of the most sincere people I have ever taught. He told us that he wants to change his life. He told us that he is tired of people being afraid of him. He told us he wants to bring his life in harmony with the Savior and give up his old ways. We ended up setting a baptismal date with him for July 2nd.
The next day we had district conference. All the members from across Latvia came together and we met in the world trade center in Riga center. We met Zidonas right outside our house about an hour before. I knew that people would be nervous if we brought a rough looking Gypsy man with us, so I gave him a white shirt and tie. It was amazing to see how much better he looked with a white shirt and tie on. He even brought a pair of glasses and put them on. He went from looking like a rough looking Gypsy to a potential Priesthood holder. As we were walking to the bus stop his friend stopped him and started making fun of him for looking like a "Rich Man." He responded with a well placed, “I don't care, I am going to church."
District conference was amazing. Elder Clayton and President Lawrence came and spoke to us. They all gave great talks. It was a lot of fun to see all my member friends from Riga center and Daugavpils. I was even able to see Dzintars. I am not sure if you remember him, but Elder Worsley and I taught and found him while we were Assistants. He is doing great. I asked him how he was doing and he said "just continuing in my spiritual progression." He also loved conference. It was so fun to see all the members and be able to say goodbye to a lot of them.
Later that night we went out contacting again. We were walking down a small street with absolutely no one on it. I had a strong feeling that we needed to stay on that street. To make it more productive, I walked down one side of the small residential street and Elder Froelich and Barnard walked down the other side. As we were walking Elder Froelich
stopped a man and began talking to him. As I went to cross the street to join their conversation a little 60 year old woman named Lidia called out to me. I started talking to her and she asked if we had time to talk. I told her we could walk over to that park. As I looked over to call my companions over I realized that their guy also wanted to come and talk to us. We ended up pulling both of them to the same park. On the walk over we realized the guy we were walking with wasn't very interested, so we said goodbye to him and had an awesome lesson with Lidia in the park. She had investigated the church about 8 years before that. She also wanted to follow the Savior and agreed to be baptized on August 6th. She said it would be too hot to get baptized in July.
Our week that started off soo slow ended up being a very very productive week. We were able to teach 12 lessons in 3 days. We were blessed a lot and I am very grateful for that. Sometimes it's hard to get the Ball rolling, but once it starts, it won't stop until it gets to the bottom. I am grateful I get to run along side the ball for the next couple weeks.
We had a wonderful mission conference yesterday. We were able to bring the whole mission together and be taught by the Claytons and Lawrence’s. It was great. I learned a lot from all of them. Sister Clayton says she knows Brent and Marcia and also the Neuenschwanders. She said she knew Joni very well. She was excited that I was related to them. It was even more fun to see all the missionaries one last time and take pictures with all of them. I fear these next couple of weeks may fly by. However, I am excited for the next stage of life.
We also have zone conference coming up next week. This will by my last one and also the Dance’s. I am sure it will be an emotional time for everyone. Thanks for everything you do. I love you all so much. Thanks for the support and love you have given me my entire life! I love you and will talk to you soon.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sent By: Matt Nielson On: May 05/30/11


So I bought a suit this week. I remember Dad telling me that I would be able to get a new suit when I got home. As I was walking through the mall I walked by a store called Dressmen. I noticed that their suits were all on sale. I was not expecting to buy one, but after trying on a gorgeous suit that isn't too European I decided to buy it. I am not even going to wear it until I get home. It was about $120. Now we don't have to buy me a suit when I get home. I just wanted to let you know that I bought one and that it looks great. Alright enough with the boring stuff, on to the exciting part of the email.
We had an interesting lesson with our investigator Nadejda. We decided officially that she isn't worth teaching anymore because she hasn't been progressing and doesn't really listen to what we are saying. Towards the end of the lesson we all gave each other the look that said "okay, we are done." Nadejda then started to get really weird. She looked at us and asked if we were prepared to meet the Savior. I told her we are striving to prepare ourselves each day. She stopped listening after two seconds and we were about to just close the lesson when Elder Froelich randomly asked "Where is Arvid?" Arvid is her husband. We have never actually met him, but we have just heard her talk about him. I started to laugh a little because Elder Froelich’s questions was so random. Nadejda then snapped out of her weird trans and said "oh he is on the computer." She then went and brought Arvid into the room. All of us were so excited to see him because as he walked into the room he brought a great spirit in with him and made Nadejda normal again. We literally all said "HHEEEEYYYY""" as he walked in. Arvid is the man. He is way normal. He is a great guy. He drinks a little bit, but just because that is the only thing that has helped him put up with his wife. We had a great lesson with him and invited him to church. He ended up getting sick, but we hope to meet with him tonight!
Anya and Anastaseja were both sick this week. We called them a couple times, but they couldn't meet. They live pretty far outside the city and didn't feel well enough to come in. We found some members that live out in their area though, so we are going to try and go out there and teach them with the members. The members can also give them a ride into the city on Sundays for church. Good deal.
Our branch is planning a big temple trip in August. The branch President has been pushing to get all the members who are able to the temple together. Because of this he has asked us to go around and teach the members about temples. We have also been having a temple prep class every week. I never took a temple prep class, so it has been nice to be in one. It has also made me pretty trunky to go to the temple. I am not trunky at all to watch movies, listen to music, or do anything like that, but I can't wait to go back to the temple.
We had a big combined district meeting with a few different cities and the Dances. It was sort of like a mini zone conference. It was a lot of fun. We talked about the using scriptures in our teaching and introducing, reading, applying, (IRA) scriptures to our investigators. It was a good time. I always love being around President Dance. I have learned a lot from him. I am excited for you to meet him one day.
As we were walking down the street last week I all of a sudden had a really big urge come over me to find new people. I have always been pretty motivated to do missionary work, but for the first time I really really wanted to work as hard as I could. For some reason I just started to run. I am not exactly sure why, I just wanted to run. We ran that day to our knocking area. Of course when there are people around we would stop running and talk with them, but we were all just really anxious to find the prepared people. When we went knocking that night we would run from door to door. It has been a blast. My companions were sort of finding a hard time motivating themselves, but as soon as we started running they both get really exciting to work. Now of course we are still keeping the dignity of our calling. We are not acting like a bunch of chickens with our heads cut off. We just have some important stuff to say to people and we want to share it with as many people as we can. Wish us luck.
In all honesty we don't have too many investigators right now. We are working hard to find more though. I am confident that we will find the prepared people and that success will follow because of our obedience and hard work. Thanks for all your love and support! I hope everyone has an awesome week! I can't wait to see all your faces and talk to you in person. Don't get trunky.

Elder Nielson

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sent By: Matt Nielson On: May 05/23/11


I am not exactly sure where all the time goes. Every week when I sit down and email I feel as though I just got done emailing you the week before. Time moves by very quickly. The other day I was on the bus looking around at all the run down graffiti buildings and people who don't look much different and I realized for about the 100th time how much I love it here. I don't know why I love all the people and places here. That's just what happens when you serve people. I feel like I have a clock in my head and that I am watching the time slip away until I have to say goodbye to my Baltic family and friends. It is the most bitter sweet experience in my life. However, I don't have to worry about that for another month.
This was a great week. We had a lot of miracles happen. My favorite miracle involves a lady named Anya and Nastja. Do you remember the lady I told you about named Nadejda? She is the healer. Well, she wanted us to talk to her friend Anya. She gave us her number and we set up a lesson with her. About 30 minutes before the lesson Anya asked if she could bring some friends to the lesson. She ended up bringing 3 other people to the lesson. She brought her 20 year old son and his girl friend and then an older guy named Alexander to the lesson. I need to take a minute and describe Anya to you. She is about 45 years old. When she was younger she was a model and toured all around Europe. She is having a little bit of a hard time letting go of her glory days and so she dresses and acts like she is still 20. She has gotten Botox so her lips are HUGE and she wears about a pound of make up. I was very surprised to find out that she is very very spiritual and understands a lot about God and the Bible. Her Son and the other guy Alexander weren't very interested, but Anya and the son’s girl friend seemed very interested. We invited them to come to church and they came! President and Sister Dance came to our branch this last week and gave amazing talks that were perfect for our investigators to hear. The whole branch loved these two women. Usually there are only a few people in the investigators class, but when you bring two female good looking girls to church all of a sudden all the single men in the branch for some reason want to come to the investigators class. :) We are pretty excited about them. They loved church! Sister Dance asked them how they felt after church and they told her that they felt like they belonged here. They talked about how much peace they felt. It was a cool experience. However, we need to talk to them about modesty sometime. Hopefully we can give them a baptismal date this next week.
We also had a cool miracle with a man named Andris. I contacted this guy about a week ago. He gave me his address and so we tried stopping by a couple weeks later. Unfortunately he had a certain kind of lock on his door to his stairwell that are impossible to crack. They are the Kryptonite of missionary knocking. I tried for a long time, but couldn't get it. I figured we could just try back another day. Luckily, this is the Lords work and he won’t allow us to mess it up. The next day we were walking down the street and I saw this same man standing in the same spot as he was when I contacted him. We pulled him to a park bench and taught him for about 20 minutes. We didn't have much time so we just taught him about prayer and then set up a meeting for the next day. The next day he came and we went with him to the church. He is Latvian so I grabbed a Latvian speaking missionary and went and taught him while my companions went out contacting. We had a great first with him. It was way fun to listen to a first lesson in Latvian again as well. I understood a lot of it! We were able to teach in unity in 2 different languages and then we challenged him to be baptized. I haven't taught someone who understood what we were talking about that well in a long time. After I told him about the Apostasy he said "Ya I have been thinking about that for a while. I think everyone has changed the true Doctrine of Christ, which is why I am now looking for it." He is the man.
We also taught an interesting guy this week named Alexander. Everyones name is Alexander. We realized this last week that we taught 4 people named Alexander in one day. This guy seemed pretty normal at first, but then we realized that he wasn't. He has a lot of issues. He is afraid of EVERYTHING. He doesn't like to go outside because he is afraid he is going to be killed, but he is afraid of his Grandma, so he doesn't like to be at home either. He came to church this week for about 8 seconds. He came late while we’re in Sacrament meeting. He walked into the room, sat down, and then sprinted out. I wanted to go after him, but I was translating for all the English speakers, so I wasn't really in a position to leave. We tried calling him after church. He didn't answer. Hopefully we can get a hold of him!

Things are going really well in our companionship. Both my companions are really fun. We have a good time together. We all complement each other very well. We are all pretty different, but it's fun. Elder Froelich is from Virgina and Elder Barnard is from American Falls, Idaho. Good guys.
Okay I love all of you! Have a great week! Have fun and tell everyone I say "Hey."

P.s It is also raining here. Small world

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sent By: Matt Nielson On: May 05/16/11


Hello for Imanta. As I guessed I have been transferred to the wonderful area of Imanta. Imanta is still considered Riga, it is just on the other side of the river. Before, I served in Riga center on more of the North West side of the river. Imanta is down on the South Eastern side. This is area is much different than any other place I have been. I have spent basically my whole mission in the capital city. That means I have done a lot of street contacting and not as much knocking. Imanta is basically an all knocking area. It has been a lot of fun though.
I am with Elder Froelich and Elder Barnard. We are in a threesome. If you remember I served with Elder Barnard back earlier in my mission. Elder Barnard is a couple transfers younger than me. Elder Froelich has almost been out a year. Both are great missionaries. Elder Barnard and Froelich have already served together for 3 transfers. This will be their 4th together. I sometimes feel like I am playing referee between them. They love each other, they just like to bicker and argue a little bit.
Our Apartment is very very small, but I like it. Luckily I am not claustrophobic. The branch here is awesome. They have a pretty strong Priesthood. They have about 10 active Melchizedek Priesthood holders. This branch is a very mature branch. The majority of people know exactly why they are at church and many have been to the temple. It has been fun getting to know them.
We are the only 3 missionaries in Imanta. Because an Elder went home early, they had to combine two areas. This means we have A LOT of area to cover. None of us have been in the area we are living in as well, so we have been getting a little bit lost every where we go. It has been a blast though. Threesomes are always a lot of fun. It takes away a lot of the stresses that come with just living with and working with one person.
We have some great people we are working with. We have two baptismal dates. Both are named Alexander. One is about 45 and the other 20 years old. They are two friends that live together. They have quit smoking for a little over a week now and have a strong desire to be baptized. They are fun to work with. We need to move their baptismal date, but we are planning for about three weeks from last Saturday. I am pretty excited for them.
Another lady we are working with is Nadejda. That means "Hope" in Russian. She is a little interesting. She is a healer. She is a very very spiritual woman. She is very good at reading people and knowing how they are feeling at that moment. It is a little bit creepy almost.
I learned a great lesson last week. It doesn't matter how talented you are, if you don't have the spirit, you have nothing. I will tell you a story that happened to us last week while we were teaching Nadejda. Elder Barnard speaks Russian very very well. Some might argue that he is the best Russian speaker in the mission. Elder Froelich struggles a little bit with the language. The other day while we were teaching Nadejda, Elder Barnard recited the first vision to her and explained all about Joseph Smith in perfect Russian. Elder Froelich asked her how she felt. She said she didn't feel anything. Elder Froelich then re-re-explained about Joseph Smith and testified to her about the restoration in very broken Russian. She looked at him and said “I am not sure what you just did, but I haven't felt the spirit that strong in a long time." Elder Barnard is an awesome missionary. He however is struggling with a few things right now. Because of this, when he taught her, he didn't really use the spirit. He just relied on his own skills. Elder Froelich relied on the spirit and the difference was incredible to see. It helped me realize how important the spirit is in this work. We can't just rely on our own skills. We have to qualify for the spirit and then put our trust in him.
I am excited to be in this area. A lot of good things are going to happen this next transfer. Thanks for all your love and support. You are all amazing. It was fun to see all the pictures. Abby has grown soo much! She is way cute. I love you!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sent By: Matt Nielson On: May 05/09/11


It seems like I just talked to you on the phone. Oh wait, I did just talk to you on the phone. It was fun hearing your voices and talking for a little bit. I am glad you also got to talk to President Dance. That is a pretty funny story. I am sure he gets a few phone calls each Mothers Day and Christmas from frustrated parents who can't get a hold of their missionary.
Today is the first day of the rest of my mission. I am excited to stay focused and work hard until the end. President Dance talked to me a little bit about that in my interview. He said the more obedient I am now, the more I will qualify to have the spirit with me after my mission to make important decisions. I believe that and I am excited to stay obedient and work until the end.
I can't believe that I am starting my last transfer today. I have seen a lot of missionaries start their last transfer, but I never really believed that I would be in that situation. It is a beautiful day today, we aren't wearing suits, the trees are all green and I ate cookies for breakfast. Can life get much better than this? I submit that it cannot.
I want to tell you about a cool miracle. I meant to talk to you about this during our phone call, but I forgot. Do you remember Sharunas? The first time I was in Vilnius, during my second transfer, I found him. Elder Briggs and I taught him for a while and then was baptized a little while later after I left. He is a young guy. He and I became really close. Well over the last year or so a lot of things have happened in his life. He got his girlfriend pregnant, married her, and left the church. When I came back to Vilnius no one had heard from him for a long long time. He wrote me an email when I was in my 4th transfer, but that was the last time we have heard from him. He got a new number and moved somewhere. For the last 3 transfers every time we are out contacting I have kept my eyes open for Sharunas. I have seen a few people that look like him, but I have never been able to find him. A couple days ago we were out contacting and we went down a random side street that I have never been on before. We were the only people on the street and I felt silly taking us down there because there were no people. I then saw a young kid riding towards us on a skate board. He had longer hair and hadn't shaven in a few weeks. The kid stopped riding his skate board when he saw us and just looked at us. He then pointed at me and said "Nielson?!" I then realized that it was Sharunas! He kicked his skateboard off to the side and gave me a big hug. It was so good to see him. He told me that he wasn't with that girl anymore and that a lot of things have changed in his life. He also told me that he is coming to America this summer and is planning on coming to Utah. I told him I was going to be home. He said “I know that is why I am going to Utah, I wanted to find you." We had a fun time talking. I told him he needed to come back to church. He said he would think about it. It made my day. Maybe one day you will all get to meet him.
Good things continue to happen in Vilnius. Miracles happen everyday. I really hope I get to stay here for my last transfer. I was looking around at church and realized how much I was going to miss everyone in that branch. They are all my family. This branch has so much energy. When my companion and I walk into the church on Sunday everyone is so happy to see us. Everyone is giving each other hugs and acting like they haven't seen each other in a month. I love them. It will be weird to come home and have people try to shake my hand at church. We hug in the Baltic’s. I think I might just take that home with me.
Veronica is doing great. We have District Conference this week, so she will be getting baptized the week after. She is way excited. I just hope and pray her parents will come to church again. It might take a while, but I am confident they will come around.
Okay, well I love all of you. Thanks for your love and support. I hope you have good weather like we do right now!